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Golf Simulator Frame Kit and
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Assembly instructions & User manual



  Thank you for your purchase of a golf simulator impact screen and enclosure kit! In this guide you will find everything you need to complete the assembly of your kit and a few helpful tips to help you make the best use of it.

 Included in this kit:                                                         

Beginner Golf screen

Pro Golf screen

Beginner Golf screen with frame

Pro Golf screen with frame

  • Beginner Golf screen
  • Pro Golf screen
  • 10 x Tarp clamps (FREE)
  • 1 x Golf impact screen
  • 10 x Bungees (FREE)
  • 12 x Frame corners


  • 1 x Pro Golf impact screen
  • 10 x Bungees (FREE)
  • 10 x tarp clamps (FREE)
  • 12 x Frame corners



Not included in this kit:

  • Frame piping


You can buy these piping from your nearest Home Depot. Link for the items are below:


You can buy these piping from your nearest Home Depot. Link for the items are below:

Frame Assembly


These offer several advantages over flat screens:

  • Reduced peripheral image distortion. This is called pin-cushion distortion and is an inevitable consequence of flat screens.
  • Better peripheral vision – thus more image envelopment.
  • Better image brightness and contrast – due to better extraneous light shielding and more of the screen periphery perpendicular to the projector, which enhances image brightness.

Installation instructions:

  1. For the straight pipes, use EMT. And for curved pipes, use bendable PVC pipes. (Links to these items is provided above)
  2. The length of the A1-A2 determines the curvature angle. The length of the A2-B2 rods determines screen width.
  3. Typical lengths of the A2-B2 is 0.5ft less than A1-B1. Example- if length of A1-B1 is 5 ft, then the length of A2-B2 with 4.5ft.
  4. Length of two rods A1-A2 is from 2-3 ft.
  5. Length between B1-B2 is from 8 to 12 inches.

You can always increase the curve of the frame by increasing the length of A1-A2 by few inches. More flexible A2-B2 is, more curve you can achieve.


Installation instructions:

  • Use EMT pipe for the construction of frame. The link for the EMT pipes is provide above.
  • The height of the frame can be adjusted depending on the height of the screen.
  • The length of the frame depends on the length of the screen. The maximum length recommended for frame is 16 ft.
  • The depth of the frame A1-A2 can be customed depending on the space available. If the depth is too small, additional support should be provided. Typically, the depth is between 1 to 4 ft.

Screen Assembly


  • For beginner series, the grommets provided on the top are used to hang the screen using bungees.
  • The grommets provided on the sides and bottom corners are used to remove any curls from the screen.
  • Make sure the screen is not too tight to avoid bounce back.



  • For Pro screen, the screen is reinforced with back stopping net.
  • The net and screen are attached using tarp clamps and tied with frame using bungees.
  • The best way to hang the screen is to use tarp clamps and bungees on the top to hang the screen.
  • Use the 1-2 clamps on the side and 1 each on the bottom corner to adjust any curls in the screen.

 Golf Impact Screen Care & Use

  • If you feel that your screen is stretched too tight or too loose, adjust the size of your frame by moving the tubes of the frame in or out of the fittings.
  • Keep enough space between the screen and any walls behind it to avoid contacting them. This distance will depend on the force of your swing, but in most cases 6‐12” is sufficient.
  • We recommend using new golf balls that are free from any scuffs or permanent marker to maximize the life of your screen.
  • Remember that impact screens are “wearable” products, and depending on the individual use, they may start showing wear immediately after first use. This is normal.

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