DIY Golf Simulator Impact Screen With Self Standing Flat Frame

DIY Golf Simulator Impact Screen With Self Standing Flat Frame

Indoor/Outdoor Golf Impact Screen with Self-Standing Frame


Package Includes:

  • Corner fittings
  • Impact Screen

    To assemble the frame:

    1. The box frame is self-standing but can be fixed to the floor and/or rear wall using 1-inch diameter tube clamps.
    2. We do not supply the EMT conduit tubing as freight shipping these inexpensive items is too costly. 1inch diameter EMT conduit piping is available at all good hardware stores (Lowes or Home Depot etc) for around $9.00 per 10ft length.

    Adjust the EMT tube into clamps and tighten the eye bolt screws for strong grip.

    Impact Screen:

    • These screens are machine washable on a delicate cycle to clean or remove and folds.
    • If you are a "heavy hitter" we suggest that you upgrade to our Pro Series impact screens.
    • In Pro series, the impact screen is closely attached with the high-performance sports net. The combination of screen and net results in long golfing experience.

    NOTE- The screen you will receive will have crease because of the nature of packaging as screens are compactly packed. You will need to iron or steam the screen to remove any crease. We advise it is easy to iron or steam the screen, once its properly installed.


    The screen is of good quality, but we recommend back padding (not included) for long time

    Follow these steps when installing a Frame and the Impact Screen:

    1. Golf Simulator setup area- The recommended minimum height of the golf simulator setup is at least 8 ft but 10 ft being ideal. Impact screen less than 8 ft high will be too short to catch wedge shots. If you are using a golf cage or frame, the screen is typically installed with a gap of 1 inch from the golf frame. This allow enough room to pull the golf impact screen for adjustments. Note: Ideally, the frame should be around 1 inch per side greater than the screen size. i.e. if the screen size is 10 ft x 10 ft (120" x 120") then the frame should be 10ft 4" x 10ft 4" (124" x 124") 
    2. Golf screen installation- Attach each grommet on the impact screen to the frame using bungees. Use Tarp Anchor clips to connect the Impact screen to the frame using adjustable strap (The trick is being able to re-adjust the clips for location if it stretches).


    The above arrangement will build a nice smooth and straight edge around the golf impact screen and takes away the tension from the screen. This allow the screen to last longer and not be subjected to excess tension and pulling on the material. We recommend hanging golf screens with adjustable straps, not elastic ball bungees because this way you can increase and decrease tension to prevent ball bounce back.

    • Follow similar procedure to attach the bottom of the screen and secured from all 4 sides and ready to play.

    • For sides use Tarp Anchor clip, and connect them to frame using adjustable straps to adjust tension.

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