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Pro Series Golf Projection Impact Screen & Freestanding Curved Frame corners

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Pro Series Golf Projection Impact Screen & Freestanding Curved Frame Corners

Super HD Picture Quality Impact Screen- High Performance, Long Life, Bright White Screen.

  • HD picture: It has a very tight and smooth surface, unlike other impact screens that allow for a more crisp and clear HD image.
  • Durability: The top screen is backed by a high-performance sports net providing extra durability.
  • Finished Edges: The Net has grommets for easy connection with the frame. 
  • Cost-effective replacement: Easily remove the top layer (as the screen is connected with a sports net by velcro) when worn for, as a cost-effective replacement.
  • Noise cancellation: Less noisy, less bounce back.
  • A great choice for commercial or high-usage setups.
  • Size available: Golf Ball Simulator Impact Display Projection Screen available in a variety of sizes and ratios.
      • 300 x 200 cm
      • 300 x 300 cm
      • 300 x 400 cm

Curved projection screens offer several key advantages over flat projection screens.

A curved screen helps offset pincushion distortion from a horizontal expansion lens and also wraps the image around your periphery more than a flat screen for greater engagement with your projected image.

In addition, the curved image is subject to less ambient reflected light from your room, while your projector’s light is more accurately reflected by the perfectly smooth viewing surface for an ideal picture.

Frame Installations:

If you'd like a curved screen then you can use the standard frame pipe fittings with bendable ABS rods.

  • The box frame is self-standing but can be fixed to the floor and/or rear wall using tube clamps (not included in the package, but we can customize).
  • We don't supply the aluminum or ABS conduit tubing as freight shipping these inexpensive items is too costly. The aluminum conduit piping and ABS rods are available at all good hardware stores ( like Bunnings/Home depot ).
  • You'll need 14 of aluminum/ABS conduit tubing with 25mm outer diameter for the complete box frame.
  • The frame should be around 2 inches per side greater than the screen size. i.e. if the screen size is 12 ft x 9 ft (144" x 108") then the frame should be 12ft 4" x 9ft 4" (148" x 112").
  • If you find that the box frame is slightly too small then you can extend the tubes an inch or two out of the fittings to suit. If the box frame is too large then the pipes will have to be cut down in length to suit. If required use pipe clamps to secure the lower half of the frame or floors and /or the back pipes to the wall.

Note that the upper rods for curved screens will probably require extra lift support to prevent sagging. And ultra-strong cable ties will provide sufficient support to prevent any sagging

Package Includes:

  • 12 x Galvanized Frame Corners
  • 1x Premium Golf screen
  • 1x Golf Archery Net

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      Care Instructions

      The screen you will receive will have crease because of the nature of packaging as screens
      are compactly packed. You will need to iron or steam the screen to remove any crease. We advise
      it is easy to iron or steam the screen, once its properly installed.

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